The language for BLBA 2019 author category is Hindi. And like all years, the illustrator category is open to all languages.

Nominations will be open from 15th May to 30th June, 2019. For more information, please read the Award Criteria and the FAQs. For further queries, please write to hello@biglittlebookaward.in

Award Process

  • Author nominations: Hindi
  • Illustrator nominations: All Languages
  • Key Dates: Nominations: 15th May to 30th June, 2019 Shortlist: October, 2019 Winners Announcement: November, 2019


The award invites public nomination. Anyone can nominate. Nomination forms are filled and submitted online. A maximum of 3 authors and 3 illustrators can be nominated by each person. Self-nomination is not accepted.


After nomination closes, a longlist is drawn from the nominated list in consultation with the respective juries. Publishers are requested for copies of the books of longlisted authors and illustrators. In 2 to 3 months, the jury independently shortlists authors and illustrators. Thereafter, over a meeting the winner author and illustrator are decided.


Winners are announced at the Tata Lit Live! the Mumbai Lit Fest in November, every year.

Award Criteria & FAQs

Award Criteria

  1. A body of original and significant work across a minimum of 7-10 years.
  2. Excellence developed through an eagerness to explore and experiment with ideas, genres and the possibilities of their craft.
  3. Stories/visual narratives that are culturally appropriate and avoid/challenge stereotypes.
  4. Demonstrate growth and willingness to break known barriers in what defines a children's author/illustrator.
  5. Contribution to creating the next generation of readers, writers and illustrators.
  6. Original work means that the text/illustration was created by the nominated author/illustrator and no one else. It may include original re-telling of traditional literature, provided the words are the author’s own.
  7. The author/illustrator should be active and writing/illustrating, and his/her work being published and accessible to children.
  8. The body of work shall be intended for children of ages up to and including 18, and work for this entire age range will be considered.
  9. Text shall include all forms of writing — fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry. Reprints, compilations and abridgements are not eligible.
  10. The Award is not given posthumously.


  1. How many authors and illustrators can we nominate?
    One person can nominate up to 3 authors and 3 illustrators. While nominating, please remember to click on the appropriate category of nomination i.e. author, illustrator.
  2. Why are author nominations only in one language?
    The author category of the award is language specific, and is based on an Indian language. Every year, an Indian language is selected, and an author with notable contribution in that language is awarded.
  3. What is the language of BLBA 2019?
  4. Is the illustrator category of the award also language specific?
    The illustrator category of the award is not language specific. You can nominate any illustrator whose works are published in India, for books of any Indian language, including English.
  5. Who can nominate?
    Anyone can nominate. Please remember to fill in your information.
  6. How can I nominate?
    You can nominate in 2 ways – fill in the online form and submit directly. You can also download, fill and email the form to us at hello@biglittlebookaward.in
  7. If the form does not get accepted, what do I do?
    If the website is not accepting your form, it could be because you may have missed filling a mandatory field. Before you submit, check all fields have been duly filled. Sometimes, it may also be due to a weak internet connection.
  8. When does nominations close?
    Last date for nominating is 30th June, 2019.
  9. What is the judging process?
    Once nominations come in, a longlist of authors and illustrators is created from the nominations received. Thereafter, books of the longlisted authors and illustrators are procured and sent to both groups of juries. The jury shortlists authors and illustrators, based on which the winner is decided by them through a consensus.
  10. When are the winners announced?
    Winners are announced at the Tata Lit Live! The Mumbai Lit Fest in November.


Online nomination

Fill out an online form to nominate your picks for the Big Little Book Awards

Offline nomination

Alternatively, you can also download forms in English or Hindi. Mail us the complete form to hello@biglittlebookaward.in

Jury for Author (Hindi) Category

Arvind Gupta

Arvind Gupta did a B.Tech from IIT, Kanpur and left a factory job to pursue his passion - making science fun for children. He has written 30 books on science activities, translated 500 books into Hindi and presented 125 films on science activities on Doordarshan. Every day thousands passionate books are downloaded from his popular website http://arvindguptatoys.com. He has won several awards including the inaugural Government of India for Science Popularization among Children (1988), IIT Kanpur Distinguished Alumnus Award (2001), Indira Gandhi Award for Science Popularization. In 2018 he was awarded the Padma Shri.

Udayan Vajpeyi

Udayan Vajpeyi is a poet and an author with several publications. Some of his best works include Kuchh Vakya (poems), Ret Kinare ka Ghar (short stories) and Ghudsawar (collection for children). Has written a book each on theatre director Ratan Thiyam, Theatre of Grandeur and K.N. Panikkar, Theatre of Rasa. Recently his collection of poems, Kewal Kuch Vakya was awarded the Spandan Kriti Award. Udayan teaches Physiology in Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal and edits a journal on Arts, Literature and Civilization, Samaas.

Suneeta Mishra

Dr. Suneeta Mishra teaches linguistics papers, story-telling and children’s literature practicum and supervises language lesson-planning in internship, at the Department of Elementary Education, Institute of Home Economics (Delhi University). She holds a masters in Linguistics and PhD in Education. She has been a part of NCERT textbook-writing team post-NCF. She has taught for several years in the government schools of Delhi and has been a resource person at various teacher-education institutes and Eklavya (Hoshangabad) for language-teaching, story-telling as a pedagogical tool and textbook-analysis.

Gurbachan Singh

Gurbachan Singh has forty years of experience in working in the field of school education, adult literacy and children’s literature. He is associated with ‘Children’s Literature Centre’, Madhya Pradesh since its inception in 1982. He has been a member of children’s book selection committee at State and National level constituted by Government of MP for OBB and NCERT, and was also a member of the advisory committee of National Book Trust, New Delhi. Since the last eight years he is associated with Azim Premji Foundation and presently a faculty at the Azim Premji University.

Prachi Kalra

Prachi Kalra teaches courses in literacy at Gargi College University. She also teaches a course in children’s literature and storytelling. Her mother and grandmother, instilled in her a love of stories by telling her stories orally, or reading them out. Prachi has a PhD in storytelling from Delhi University; her data showed that children, even young ones, enjoy complex stories not necessarily with a direct moral. Stories help children make meaning of their lives and shouldn’t be used to merely test memory or teach grammar.

Prachi lives in Delhi. She has a sizeable collection of children’s books, built by scouring book fairs, even second-hand book shops. Prachi’s dream is to open a public library for children.

Jury for Illustrator Category

Aashti Mudnani

Aashti Mudnani is a professional book hunter, illustration lover, listener of stories and chai drinker. She started Lightroom, a bookstore for children's books in Bangalore in 2013 with the help of several people. She loves being outdoors, especially where there are more wild things than cityscapes. But for now, she lives in Bangalore with her two daughters, husband and their cat, Inji.

Sunandini Banerjee

Sunandini Banerjee is both Senior Editor and Senior Graphic Designer at Seagull Books, and designs all of Seagull’s book covers and catalogues. A digital-collage artist whose work has been exhibited in India and abroad, she is a translator as well as a member of the faculty at the Seagull School of Publishing.

Thejaswi Shivanand

Thejaswi is a teacher at Center for Learning, an alternative school near Bangalore. He is a part of running the school library and interacting with children from age six years to teenagers, over books, for the past ten years and also teaches science. He is a consultant for library programmes and a faculty at the Library Educators Course (English), run by Bookworm, Goa.

Rani Dharker

Rani Dharker is an author and an artist. Her first novel 'The Virgin Syndrome' was ecstatically received and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize. Rani has a PhD in English Literature and was a professor of English at M S University of Baroda, where she was the leading light in its Shakespeare Society, directing plays and acting. She loves dogs and other four-legged creatures (as well as the ones that fly).

Proiti Roy

Proiti Roy is an illustrator and designer, who started her career in advertising. Soon after, she turned freelance and also started teaching children art and craft. During this period, apart from her advertising and corporate assignments, she began to focus on illustrating children’s books, which was something she wanted to do ever since she could remember. Now, living in Shantiniketan in West Bengal, she continues to illustrate as well as help and rescue street animals in distress.