What Kitablet Offers:

Kitablet is a digital library of hand-picked story books for children by Indian publishers from classes 1-8. Presently, it has a curated collection of 200+ books in English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu from select Indian publishers like Pratham, Eklavya, Tulika, Amar Chitra Katha, Children’s Book Trust and TERI. Comprising of both fiction and non-fiction books, the collection spans a wide variety of genres like biographies, art, environment, mystery, and poetry. Each child has a personalized account. Several books also have a meaningful activity at the end of the book for the child to engage further with the book. School teachers and school heads have a personalized account too which gives them reports about the usage of Kitablet at the school, class and child level.

Kitablet aims to equip children to:

  • Read books anytime, anywhere
  • Nurture a love for reading by finding the books that speak to them
  • Become part of a reading community and inculcate a reading habit
  • Develop language, strengthen critical thinking and widen perspectives

Kitablet’s journey so far:

In the ongoing Academic Year 2018-19, Kitablet is presently being piloted with about 9600 middle school children at 40 Jawahar Navodayas in South and North East regions of India.

Kitablet’s journey began in the Academic Year 2016-17 when it was conceptualized, designed and developed with active involvement of various stakeholders like publishers, technology experts, schools, parents and children. For the Academic Years 2016-17 and 2017-18, it was incubated in Social Alpha, an associate organization of Tata Trusts, and its potential as a financially viable social enterprise was explored. Different possibilities like for-profit B2B model with private schools, for-profit B2C model with parents and not-for-profit model for government school children were explored. It was decided to focus efforts on children from underprivileged sections and the program was brought under the fold of the Tata Trusts since Academic Year 2018-19.

Partner with us:

Whether you are a publisher keen to see your books on Kitablet, or a school/organization working with underprivileged children, or a parent keen to use Kitablet with your children and give us feedback, or a technology/academic expert interested in use of technology for reading; we would love to have a conversation and explore partnerships.

You can write to us at pbajaj@tatatrusts.org.

Lockdown Library

Covid-19 pandemic and widespread school closures has profoundly changed the everyday lives of children. Amidst the nationwide lock downs in the country, the approach to children’s learning and particularly of those from the marginalized sections has been affected.

Library Khidki

A joint effort with the Department of Basic Education, Uttar Pradesh, Library Khidki is circulated twice a week on every Tuesday and Friday within the state of Uttar Pradesh. It comprises stories, poems, activities, articles and quality educational material for children and teachers through an online medium.


Initiated in collaboration with Rajasthan State Council of Educational Research & Training, Udaipur, Centre for microFinance, Jaipur and other organizations working in the field of education, Hawamahal is circulated every Saturday across Rajasthan through various channels.

Our Libraries

Parag has supported libraries across 8 states. Our libraries are present across government schools and community centres. We work closely with teachers and children to build their capacity in running vibrant libraries. We also involve parents through community engagement.

Case Studies
How libraries impact different stakeholders

The schools libraries set up by Parag in Gurmitkal block of Karnataka have impacted not just students, but built the skills of the library facilitators and established the library as an integral part of school education.