Aiming to take advantage of technology and make Indian children’s literature accessible to more children, Parag has experimented with Kitablet, an e-Library app that hosts children’s books from some of India’s best publishers. The library is for children of grades 1-8, has books both in English and Hindi, and can be accessed on desktops, laptops or/and tablets. To encourage early readers, several books have subtle animation and read alouds so that children learning to read can watch or listen to a story. Book activities encourage children to think and reflect in an enjoyable and meaningful manner. Each child has an individual subscription to the library. To motivate children to read, Kitablet sends out snippets on reading behavior and time spent reading to children, parents and schools.

Kitablet, with its quirky design, collection of well-illustrated and contemporary stories, and personalized reading experience aims to encourage more children to read for pleasure. Stories are selected to enable children to enjoy reading while using technology and build a community of readers. Thus children not only read books but also rate books and share reviews. Several stories in the collection can be used by teachers, parents and care givers to introduce concepts and themes in an engaging manner. As part of the Kitablet community school can participate in inter-school reading challenges, librarian skill building workshops and invite authors and illustrators to visit their campus.

Our Libraries

Parag has supported libraries across 8 states. Our libraries are present across government schools and community centres. We work closely with teachers and children to build their capacity in running vibrant libraries. We also involve parents through community engagement.

Case Studies
How libraries impact different stakeholders

The schools libraries set up by Parag in Gurmitkal block of Karnataka have impacted not just students, but built the skills of the library facilitators and established the library as an integral part of school education.