‘Children Connect Easily to the Everyday in this Book’

Nani Chali Tahalne is a chain tale. It can also be called a repetitive tale. There is a chain of places which Nani visits with her grandson “Vanky”. Each time she visits a place she describes it with a new name based on her memory of that place. I used the book with children of Grades 1 to 4 and observed that children were able to experience and understand the story.

Usha Malhan Parag Reads 03 April 2019

Frankfurt Diaries: Imagining Desirable Futures

Frankfurt Buchmesse (Book Fair) 2018 has a separate theme called The Arts+ that looks at technology

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 15 October 2018

Frankfurt Diaries: Where is India at the Frankfurt Buchmesse ?

After three days of walking the halls of the Frankfurt Book Fair I have learnt one thing –

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 15 October 2018

How Children Respond to Inclusive Books – Part 3

A very crucial aim of Parag bringing out more books with disability and inclusion as the theme is to encourage more conversations about individual differences,

Akhila Pydah Parag Reads 5 September 2018

Inclusive Books & Children’s Response – Part 2

Not all stories with a character with disability can be a good one. Just like any good story, it should have a compelling plot,

Akhila Pydah Parag Reads 31 August 2018

Inclusive Books & Children’s Response – Part 1

Do you know anyone with a disability in your family, community, school / organization? Take a minute to answer to this question.

Akhila Pydah Parag Reads 24 August 2018

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