The Place of Children’s Literature In Their Lives

Compared to some decades ago, it’s heartening to see that children’s literature is gaining importance in the learning process of children in our country.

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 29 Jul 2014

The Best of Times

The present time is a very exciting one for libraries and library educators.

Usha Mukunda Library Educator's Course 1 July 2014

Library Educators Course

The first batch of the LEC concluded in March 2014. There is a quiet pride is knowing that in multiple corners of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh educators who are deeply engaged with children’s learning have refreshed their thinking and reflection around books.

Sujata Noronha Library Educator's Course 28 June 2014

Libary Educators Course 2014 concluded

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 8 May 2014