Sau Pedon ke Naam

The Riyaaz Academy for Illustrators was seeded by the Parag Initiative as an effort to build a cadre of trained children’s illustrators who understand children and reading.

Swaha Sahoo Parag Nurtures 14 May 2019

Mother Steals a Bicycle and other Stories

Mother Steals A Bicycle and Other Stories is a collection of stories told by the narrator, who shares with the reader a series of stories about her mother’s (Amma) exploits in a southern village in India where she grew up.

Ms Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 3 May 2019

Frankfurt Diaries: Imagining Desirable Futures

Frankfurt Buchmesse (Book Fair) 2018 has a separate theme called The Arts+ that looks at technology

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 15 October 2018

Frankfurt Diaries: Where is India at the Frankfurt Buchmesse ?

After three days of walking the halls of the Frankfurt Book Fair I have learnt one thing –

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 15 October 2018

Turning Illustrators into Storytellers at the Riyaaz Academy

What does the Riyaaz Academy for Illustrators do? It trains young aspiring artists to illustrate for children’s books, textbooks, magazines.

Swaha Sahoo Parag Nurtures 7 September 2018

It’s All About the Book

I grew up in a small sleepy town, with little to do but read books and travel the world through them. So the printed text, the feel of a paperback and the smell of a new book is sacred.

Swaha Sahoo Kitablet 16 Jan 2017